Morgan Freeman is One of the 'Cold Warriors', Ron Perlman Joins 'The Bleeder'

Morgan Freeman will star in the spy comedy, Cold Warriors, directed by Raja Gosnell (The Smurfs) from a Todd Berger screenplay. Freeman plays a retired CIA agent who teams with his video game programmer stepson to complete a Cold War era mission. The tone is being described as Taken meets Get Smart, but it really sounds like one of Freeman's other films, RED. [Deadline]

Joining Liev Schreiber in boxing drama The Bleeder is Ron Perlman. Schreiber plays boxer and con artist Chuck Wepner, who at one point with 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali, only to later forge Ali's autograph on a bunch of  merchandise. Wepner also claims to have been the inspiration for Sylvester Stallone's character in Rocky. So as you can tell, Wepner is quite the character. Perlman will play Wepner's manager, Al Braverman. Director Philippe Falardeau has lined up a stellar cast that also includes Elisabeth Moss, Naomi Watts,  Michael Rapaport, Jim Gaffigan, Morgan Spector, and Pooch Hall as Ali.