Kevin Hart Saves Ice Cube In The 'Ride Along 2' Trailer

Tired of all the heavy, dramatic Oscar-contending movies of December? Well, you're in luck because January is right around the corner and there ain't much that's going to weigh too heavily on the mind. One of those lightweight comedies is Ride Along 2, which pairs up Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in a sequel to the hit 2014 film.

Once again directed by Tim Story with Olivia Munn, Ken Jeong, Tika Sumpter, Tyrese Gibson, and more part of the cast, the film has Hart's character now a full-fledged cop on the beat, but that doesn't make him any more competent an officer. Before he can get married to Cube's sister, the two are sent down to Miami to bust a drug lord, and of course nothing goes quite as it should.  Think Bad Boys only less explodey and with a few more laughs. Maybe.

Ride Along 2 opens on January 15th.