Judy Greer Lines Up Directorial Debut, 'A Happening of Monumental Proportions'

Is there anybody out there who doesn't love Judy Greer and wants to see more of her? Whether starring in projects big or small, from Arrested Development to Jurassic World, Greer always has a lot to offer in front of the camera. But what can she do when finally takes the reins for herself? We're about to find out as Greer has just lined up her directorial debut.

Greer is set to direct the indie dramedy A Happening of Monumental Proportions, and she's already got Common and Allison Janney in the lead roles. Gary Lundy wrote the screenplay which “is set in a small school in Los Angeles that serves as the backdrop for an all-in-one-day tale of sex, lies and dead bodies.” Sounds an awful lot like one of her recent films, Addicted to Fresno, but hopefully it will be much better than that was.

Chris and Paul Weitz are on board to producer, the latter having directed Greer in Grandma earlier this year. Filming begins next year, and given that her FX series Married just got canceled she should have plenty of time to figure out her directorial approach.