Get a Look at Overweight Dwayne Johnson in the First Trailer for 'Central Intelligence'

One has proven to be a studio force when it comes to lending his muscle to action movie franchises. The other is, ironically, a comedic giant with a string of recent hits to his name. The combination of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart is one that seems like it should be solid gold, but is their new comedy Central Intelligence going to put their skills to good use? With the release of the film's first trailer we're now able to find out.

As expected, the vast physical disparity between Johnson and Hart is on display, but what may come as a surprise is that Hart is actually the straight-man here. Johnson plays Bob, who in high school was fat and overweight but now is a bulked up and badass CIA agent. Hart is Calvin, who used to be the cool kid but is now just a boring accountant. Reuniting at their 20-year reunion, Bob forcibly recruits Calvin to help him out with a dangerous mission. 

It's probably important to remember that Johnson has had a few comedy hits of his own, and clearly he's able to match gags with Hart. This trailer's pretty funny, but it's clear they're holding something back. Hopefully it stays that way and the best jokes are left unspoiled. Central Intelligence opens June 17th 2016.