First Trailer for Faith-Based Drama 'Miracles from Heaven' Starring Jennifer Garner and Queen Latifah

There's money in that whole faith-based movie genre. The last couple of years have found religious films to be some of the most profitable, and that's without the need for big name Hollywood celebrities. Miracles from Heaven, which is based on Christy Beam's book, is one of the few that actually has a great deal of star power with Jennifer Garner and Queen Latifah at the top of the cast.

The first trailer has been released and it looks like the kind of film that will have busloads of faithful churchgoers headed to their nearest movie theater. Garner plays Beam, whose young daughter (Kylie Rogers) is suffering from an incurable digestive disorder until she suffers a near-death experience, sees God, and is miraculously cured of her ailment. Latifah plays a Boston waitress who becomes friends with the family and guides them like an earthly angel in their time of need.

Patricia Riggen, whose film The 33 opens this weekend, was also behind the camera for this one. Miracles from Heaven opens March 18th 2016.