'Fantastic Four 2' Is Such A Bad Idea Fox Pulled It From The Schedule

For a superhero film to perform as poorly as Fantastic Four is almost unheard of. Reviled by critics and comic book fans alike, it only made a little over $50M domestically, and about $160M worldwide. Plans for a sequel had been put in place long before the film ever came out, but obviously 20th Century Fox had some things to think about after a reported loss of around $100M. Well, it seems they may have made a decision.

Fox has reportedly removed Fantastic Four 2 from its June 9th 2017 release date. Shocker! Actually, this doesn't mean much since they could still push ahead on a sequel for a different date, probably much later which would give them time to reevaluate. Rumors over the last few months have suggested this is what they could do. Honestly, they have a better chance of finding success with the next film. It couldn't possibly do worse, right?

As for what could slip into the newly-vacant date? A Deadpool sequel is a possibility and has already been mentioned as a good fit. Or there's Channing Tatum's Gambit, which got off to such a late start it has little chance of hitting its October 2016 date. [Comingsoon]