Edgar Wright to Direct and Co-Write Animated Film About Shadows

Edgar Wright is currently shooting his long-developing chase film, Baby Driver, but he's not waiting around to line up what's next. He's signed on to direct his first animated feature, a Dreamworks Animation film centered on shadows.

If that sounds a little familiar...well, it should.  A few years ago the studio had a CG-animated film titled Me and My Shadow featuring the voices of Josh Gad and Bill Hader. The story centered on a shadow that sets out to have a life independent of its boring human counterpart. There was a promo campaign, a release date, and everything, but ultimately it got shelved in a massive cost cutting shake-up. Could Wright and co-writer David Walliams be reviving it? It seems unlikely Dreamworks would be taking on a brand new project with a similar concept.

There's no word on when Dreamworks wants to begin shooting, but Wright seems excited to get started...

“My first endeavors in film-making as a teenager were in animation, so it was hugely intriguing to get a call from DreamWorks Animation about potentially directing. When the Shadows concept was suggested to me, I could see the poster, the title sequence and pretty much the whole movie. It’s a blast writing this and to have one of my oldest friends in comedy, David Walliams, along for the adventure is a thrill.”