Duncan Jones Brings 'Warcraft' to Glorious Life in First Epic Trailer

It's not enough that Duncan Jones is making the leap from indie filmmaker to blockbuster director with Warcraft, taking on a massive budget the likes of which he's never had to deal with. The pressure to succeed on that alone would be incredible, but now some are heaping on the expectation for it to be the first truly great video game movie. Can it be the film to finally break the curse?

The first Warcraft trailer presents an incredibly detailed CGI rendition of the best-selling video game's magical world, full of orcs, wizards, kings, griffons, and more engaged in epic battle. It's the war between the orc Horde and the human Alliance that makes up the central conflict, but as seen in this footage the repercussions are felt throughout the land.

The cast is impressive with recognizable names but no huge stars, which makes sense considering the amount of CGI and motion capture. Travis Fimmel leads as the Alliance's Anduin Lothar, while Toby Kebbell is the main orc, Durotan. Ben Foster, Paula Patton, Ben Schnetzer, Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Robert Kazinsky, Clancy Brown, Anna Galvin, and Daniel Wu co-star.

Warcraft opens on June 10th 2016.