'Dirty Grandpa' Red Band Trailer Features a Horny Robert De Niro

Lately it's been dicey to rely on Robert De Niro in anything other than a David O. Russell film. Too often he seems to be phoning it in, coasting along on his legendary screen status. But when he's dialed in and having fun, De Niro can still be great. Will that be the case for the raunchy R-rated comedy Dirty Grandpa?

The latest trailer goes full-on red band, meaning we get even more of De Niro's wildly inappropriate senior citizen. Zac Efron plays his straight-laced grandson who gets tricked into a road trip to Florida during Spring Break. Based on this footage 90% of the film will be De Niro saying really sexual things and people just reacting to it. That might work for a few minutes but can it sustain an entire film? Probably not.

Directed by Dan Mazer and co-starring Aubrey Plaza and Zoey Deutch, Dirty Grandpa opens January 22nd 2016.