Brian De Palma to Direct Chinese Action Flick 'Lights Out'

The actual output by Brian De Palma is considerably less than the numerous projects he's been linked to that haven't gone anywhere. He's only directed five features since 2000 with the last one being 2012's steamy thriller, Passion. But he's got a new film brewing with a Chinese studio and it seems to be coming together quickly.

De Palma will direct action flick Lights Out, which sounds a lot like the Chinese version of Daredevil. Penned by Lamont Magee and Jeff W. Byrd, the story follows Lin Shen, “a blind Chinese girl unknowingly caught in a plot to expose a top-secret assassination program. Although blind, she is able to use her other heightened senses to fight back and become a hero.”

Not much else is known except that an A-list Chinese actress is being sought for the lead role. De Palma's been in a pretty dry streak over the last few years, although I can vouch for Passion and Femme Fatale as guilty pleasures. It will be interesting to see him tackling something like this, a true action movie which should offer some visual flash with the "heightened senses" aspect.