Box Office: 'Spectre' Scores 2nd-Best Bond Debut; 'Peanuts' is a Hit, Charlie Brown

1. Spectre (review here)- $73M
It was never going to be an easy task following up on the $1.1B success of Skyfall, but Sony is getting off to a pretty darn good start with Spectre. The 24th Bond film opened with $73M, placing it between Skyfall's $88M and the $67M for Quantum of Solace. It looks like the overseas numbers will be strong as well with early estimates ranging from $80M to $200M, so there should be no problem for Sony, MGM, and EON Productions to recoup their investment. The film is essentially a throwback to old school 007 films, and while the critical reviews have been mixed the 'A' Cinemascore suggests fans will be coming back for multiple missions with Daniel Craig.
2. The Peanuts Movie (review here)- $45M
Your movie's a hit, Charlie Brown! The Peanuts Movie, a CGI-animated film based on Charles M. Schulz's classic comic strip characters featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy, opened with a stellar $45M. While that may not seem huge, it's not going to have Charlie Brown exclaiming "good grief!", either.  The $100M feature comes from 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios, who have built the unassuming but huge Ice Age franchise, and one thing they know is how to market. They built 'Peanuts' to be a faithful adaptation that would please fans of Schulz's strip (I'm a total Peanuts geek, by the way), while adding just enough bells and whistles to attract younger audiences who may not be familiar with the characters.
3. The Martian- $9.3M/$197M
4. Goosebumps- $6.9M/$66.4M
5. Bridge of Spies- $6M/$54.9M
6. Hotel Transylvania 2- $3.5M/$161.2M
7. Burnt- $3M/$10.2M
8. The Last Witch Hunter- $2.6M/$23.5M
Vin Diesel's got more sway overseas where the film has earned an additional $60.8M
9.  The Intern- $1.8M/$71.4M
10. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension- $1.6M/$16.2M