Ben Wheatley's Next Film is a Remake of 'The Wages Of Fear'

There have been a couple of remakes of Henri-Georges Clouzot‘s incredible 1953 thriller, The Wages of Fear, and even though one of those was by William Friedkin neither is as tense or meaningful as the original. Period. If there's one guy who can maybe due Clouzot's film justice it's Kill List director, Ben Wheatley, and he's about to take his shot to do just that.

Deadline reports that Wheatley's next film will be a remake of The Wages of Fear, which follows a group of down on their luck guys who take on what amounts to a suicide mission delivering highly-explosive nitroglycerin more than 300 miles. The journey tests their will and their mettle as men, as the smallest bump could spell disaster.  Wheatley will direct and co-write the script with his regular writing partner, Amy Jump.

So, good news? Bad news? Do you look at this as another awful idea like the recently-announced Memento remake? Or does having Wheatley's name attached make this project more promising? Let us know!