Amy Winehouse Biopic to Star Noomi Rapace as the Troubled Singer

Although there was an acclaimed documentary on Amy Winehouse earlier this year, her tragic story is only just beginning to be told in Hollywood. A feature biopic is being developed on her life, and in talks to play the fallen singer is Prometheus and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star, Noomi Rapace.

The film is being put together by writer/director Kirsten Sheridan, best known for co-writing the semi-autobiographical In America and directing August Rush. The story will obviously center on Winehouse's life and career, which came to a sad end when she died in 2011. Music biopics are notoriously tough to get going, and while the film is being shopped around there's no promise it will actually happen. For one thing, the music rights are being negotiated right now, and if that deal doesn't come through the movie is in deep trouble. Plus, Winehouse's father Mitch has his own movie on the way, basically to refute how he was depicted in the documentary. Basically he comes off looking like a money-grubbing leech who didn't care about his daughter's obvious troubles.

So we'll see what happens. This is still very early on but the casting of Rapace, who has a certain soulful quality to her, seems like a good way to start. [Screen Daily]