'Charlie's Angels' Reboot On the Way with Elizabeth Banks Directing

Not quite the beginning of the wave of big screen remakes of popular TV shows, the Charlies Angels films were two of the most successful. They starred Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore as the kick-ass trio, with Demi Moore famously turning up in the sequel, plus Bill Murray as Bosley in the first film. Let's not forget Sam Rockwell and Justin Theroux were in those flicks, as well. A TV reboot in 2011 didn't do so well, but Sony knows a good franchise when they've got one, and they've made an interesting choice in who should reboot it.

According to THR, Sony has entered talked with Elizabeth Banks to produce and direct a new Charlie's Angels reboot. Banks is coming off her directorial debut, Pitch Perfect 2, and would anyone be surprised if some of that cast make up at the new Angels? Perhaps she could even cast herself?

Otherwise there aren't much in the way of details as a writer still needs to be found. Let's just hope this one doesn't make time for a Tom Green cameo.