'Ouija' Sequel Turns to 'Oculus' for Its Director and Star

It didn't take a ouija board to predict that a sequel to the $100M-grossing horror, Ouija, would be set into motion, and that's what happened when Oculus writers Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard were hired to develop the screenplay. Now the studio is taking the next step by confirming not only the film's director, but its star, and they both know one another very well.

According to THR, Flanagan has been hired to direct Ouija 2, and he'll be bringing Oculus' flame-haired star, Annalise Basso, along with him. Basso, who also had a recurring role on The Red Road opposite Jason Momoa, will play a young woman whose father has recently died. Don't be surprised if she tries to use the ouija board to contact him, leading to all sorts of creepy supernatural terrors to occur.

Ouija 2 has been slated for release on October 21st 2016.