Michael B. Jordan and 'Short Term 12' Director Destin Cretton team for 'Just Mercy'

Between Fruitvale Station and the remarkable Short Term 12, issues of race, inequality, poverty, abuse, and a government ill-equipped to handle all of it were brought to the forefront. Now we're getting a movie that combines aspects of many of these topics, and it will feature the star of the former, Michael B. Jordan, and the breakout director of the latter, Destin Daniel Cretton.

Jordan and Cretton will team up for an adaptation of Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption, based on the memoir by Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson. Cretton will direct and co-write the script with Andrew Lanham, telling the story of Stevenson, a lawyer who turned his attention towards helping the poor and the wrongly accused who have become trapped in the criminal justice system. One of his early cases was that of Walter McMillian, an Alabama man convicted of murder and put on Death Row even though dozens of witnesses testified he was at a church fish fry at the time. Stevenson stepped in after his conviction and fought to get suppressed evidence admitted to the court, leading to the conviction being overturned. While Variety's report doesn't say it specifically, Jordan will likely be taking on the role of Stevenson.

This is turning out to be a hot property around Hollywood, attracting names like Will Smith and Denzel Washington who have expressed interest in smaller roles. Major studios also put in bids to acquire the book's rights, but it was the "passion" shown by Broad Green Pictures that clinched it for them.

Jordan will flame on as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four next month, followed by the anticipated Rocky spinoff, Creed. He has yet to formally commit to any projects after that, so Just Mercy is likely what he'll jump right in to.