Justin Lin Confirms 'Star Trek 3' Title and Reveals First Set Photo

Production on the third Star Trek movie is underway with Justin Lin (the Fast & Furious franchise) at the helm, and already it's clear he's going to be more open than J.J. Abrams when it comes to revealing details. Lin hit Twitter and confirmed that the film will be titled Star Trek Beyond, just as was previously rumored, and he also posted the first set image with a new-look Starfleet patch. Oooh, ahhhhh, new uniforms.

The #LLAP part of his caption likely means "Live Long and Prosper", the famous Vulcan blessing often uttered by Spock, played by the returning Zachary Quinto. Sadly, this will be the first of the reboot movies not to include a cameo by Leonard Nimoy, who passed away earlier this year.

Star Trek Beyond opens July 8th 2016.