Interview: Boaz Yakin and Josh Wiggins Talk Military Dog Drama, 'Max'

I had never met Boaz Yakin before interviewing him for his new film, Max, but his name was mentioned plenty of times around my household. One of Yakin's earlier movies was Remember the Titans, the high school football drama based on a real-life team; one that my father happened to be a key player on. So my Dad was there during much of the production and talked about the experience quite often.

Max is a completely different kind of film, but still one that should appeal to families looking for an evening out. The story centers on a military Marine dog named Max who can no longer serve after his partner is killed in action. The traumatized Max is taken in by the family of his former commander, forging a bond with the soldier's rebellious son, played by Hellion star Josh Wiggins.

I had a chance to sit down and speak with both Yakin and Wiggins about Max; what it was like to tell this specific military story, working with animals on set, and more. Plus I got to meet Jagger, one of the five dogs who played Max in the film.  You can listen to that interview below.