Corey Stoll wants a Boxing Comeback in First Trailer for 'Glass Chin'

Boxing is and always will be the sport of the underdog, the common man. That may be hard to believe when Floyd Mayweather makes $100M in a single fight, but for most fighters the paydays are modest and the physical toll brutal. But it's also the one sport where a (typically) a man can literally fight back against the world, and that's why Hollywood loves boxing movies so much. And now we've got one more in Glass Chin, the latest film from The Missing Person director, Noah Buschel.

Starring Corey Stoll, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, and Yul Vazquez, the film centers on a down 'n out ex-boxer who goes to dangerous lengths to make a comeback. Here's the synopsis:

After going down in the fifth round, boxer Bud Gordon (Corey Stoll) bowed out of the limelight. Now residing in a fixer-upper apartment in New Jersey with his girlfriend, Bud longs for his former Manhattan glory. In an effort to get back in the game, he makes a deal with a crooked restauranteur (Billy Crudup). But quick schemes rarely bring easy pay-offs and as the consequences of his business negotiations unfold, Bud has to make a choice between his integrity and his ambitions.

Buschel has long had his own way of doing things, steering clear of any Hollywood influence. And just based on this footage he seems to be doing something a bit different with boxing movies, too. I'm really excited for this one. Glass Chin hits theaters and VOD on June 26th.