Adam McKay could Direct a Future Marvel Film

Marvel really wants to get in the Adam McKay business, and McKay has been trying for awhile to get into the superhero movie business. You may recall the Step Brothers and Anchorman filmmaker tried to launch an R-rated adaptation of The Boys but it never worked out. He finally got his shot when Edgar Wright dropped out of directing Ant-Man, and Marvel sought him to take over. Instead he merely polished the screenplay, but the door may be wide open for McKay to take the helm of another project.

According to Latino Review, Marvel really wants McKay to direct one of their upcoming films. Which one? Who knows!! It's unlikely to be Black Panther or Captain Marvel because it's likely they'll seek out African-American and female directors for those. So what about Inhumans, which is due out in 2019? That would make sense because the Inhumans are a quirky family and there are plenty of ways to turn it into a comedy, just as James Gunn did with Guardians of the Galaxy.

McKay hasn't said anything about actually wanting to direct a Marvel film, so just file this away as rumor for now. Heck, maybe he can get Will Ferrell to play Black Bolt?