Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen Head to Ancient China in New 'Outcast' Trailer

The first trailer for Outcast was treated with all of the snark that a film set in ancient China and starring Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen deserved, but will the new trailer change a few minds? Not likely, it still looks pretty ridiculous and like something headed straight to cable.

Directed by Nick Powell, the film centers on a battle-weary knight (Christensen) fresh from the Crusades and a legendary bandit named Gallian (Cage) who must help a prince and his sister reclaim the throne after the Emperor is assassinated. Even without Cage shouting "I am the White Ghost" hilariously this looks pretty terrible, but hopefully it will gain distribution and a release date so we can judge just how bad.

OUTCAST : Bande annonce [Nicolas Cage, 2015] by FILMSACTU