Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass' 'Bourne 5' Set for July 2016

Sorry Aaron Cross, it was nice to meet you but Jason Bourne is ready to take over again. It took awhile, but Universal was able to lure Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass back to Bourne after going a different route with Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy. That film is due to get a sequel at some point...maybe, but for now all of the attention is on Damon and Greengrass, with a 2016 release date now set in stone.

The "Untitled Next Bourne Chapter" (huh??) is set to open on July 29th 2016, but the big news is that Damon and Greengrass will co-write the script with Christopher Rouse. Rouse has been a frequent collaborator with Greengrass, editing all of his films since The Bourne Ultimatum. This will be the first film in the franchise not to have any involvement by Tony Gilroy, who you may remember got ripped by Damon for his last "unreadable" Bourne script.

So where does this Bourne film go? Damon and Greengrass are two savvy political guys, and their hands-on involvement with the screenplay means we can expect something current and extremely topical.