New Red Band Trailer for 'The Wedding Ringer' with Kevin Hart and Josh Gad

Looking a lot like a really screwed up version of Hitch, the Kevin Hart/Josh Gad comedy The Wedding Ringer seems poised to be one of 2015's first big hits. Few have been on a hotter streak than Hart, and who doesn't love to watch two bro's totally ruining the happy nuptials? So does it have a chance to be the next Wedding Crashers? Check out the new red band trailer and decide for yourself.

Hart plays a guy who runs a business providing "best man" services to grooms who don't have any friends, which makes Gad the perfect client. This is one of the filthiest red band trailers we've seen in months, so definitely don't watch it at work or around the kiddies. Jeremy Garelick, who penned the insightful relationship dramedy The Break-Up, is directing this one and hopefully he has a few things to say about the nature of marriage, as well. Or if he just wants to be straight-up silly like this footage suggests, that's perfectly fine, too.

Also starring Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Cloris Leachman, Olivia Thirlby, Jorge Garcia, Alan Ritchson, Jenifer Lewis, and Mimi Rogers, The Wedding Ringer opens January 16th 2015.

The Wedding Ringer Official Trailer #3 (2015) - Kevin Hart, Josh Gad Comedy Movie HD by Allvideos HD