Sony's Spider-Man Spinoff Rumored to be All-Female Team-Up

Sony must have felt proud of themselves for awhile. They were the first to announce a female-led superhero movie with a spinoff of their languishing Spider-Man franchise, and it was an idea that had fans genuinely excited. Then Warner Bros. and Marvel followed up with their own plans to have a lady superhero star, and everyone forgot about Sony's plans. But they haven't forgotten, and now a new rumor has surfaced about it that if true would set their film apart from the others.

Badass Digest says Sony wants their spinoff to be an all-female team up film with all of the female Spidey characters. So who would that entail exactly? Well, the site doesn't have that information but throws out a few likely suspects: Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman, Black Cat, Silk, and Silver Sable.  They also suggest that the mutant Firestar, who was originally created for the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon, could be a part of it.

While it's not mentioned in the story, I couldn't help but wonder if Sony would run into some rights issues with some of these characters. Spider-Woman is more closely aligned with the Avengers than she is Spider-Man, and has been for more than a decade. Firestar has been an Avenger and now is a member of the X-men and has always had a much stronger connection with them than with Spidey.

Apparently this is just one idea Sony is considering as they try and rebound from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which did so poorly that people have begun to believe rumors they could give the character back to Marvel. The hope is to have this film ready by 2017.