Pixar's Peter Sohn Confirmed as 'The Good Dinosaur' Director in New Video

If everything had gone according to plan we'd have already seen Pixar's The Good Dinosaur. But like many of their projects a major overhaul took place midstream when Bob Peterson was removed as director, leading to a bumping of the release date from last May to next year. The odd thing was that Pixar never revealed who Peterson's replacement was, but now we know and it's Pixar veteran, Peter Sohn.

Pixar revealed the news in a video tweet showing Sohn drawing the lead dinosaur, Arlo. The original story was to have taken place on an Earth that didn't see the dinosaurs wiped out by an asteroid, so that they now live in harmony alongside humans. Jon Lithgow, Judy Greer, Lucas Neff, Neil Patrick Harris, and Bill Hader were lending their voices to the project, but it's unclear if that is still the case or if the story has been changed.

As for Sohn, he's been with Pixar more than a decade as an animator, occasional voice actor, and storyboard artist. He had been co-directing the The Good Dinosaur with Peterson at the time of the latter's removal, so it only made sense for him to take over. The Good Dinosaur opens November 25th 2015.