Jordan Vogt-Roberts to Direct Tom Hiddleston in King Kong Prequel, 'Skull Island'

This past Comic-Con was mostly devoid of true surprises, but one certainly did come at the end of Legendary's panel. It was then that the studio behind Godzilla and Pacific Rim announced their latest gigantic project with gigantic creatures, a King Kong prequel titled Skull Island. And now as the film moves forward it has just landed a major, fan-favorite lead in Tom Hiddleston, and red-hot director Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

Legendary and Universal have announced Hiddleston as the star of Skull Island, although it should be noted the press release doesn't mention that title which means they could be changing it. Whatever it's called, the film is expected to explore King Kong's origins on the monster-filled island, and presumably his first encounters with humans. While Hiddleston is the name most people will be familiar with because of The Avengers, it's Vogt-Roberts who is the more intriguing get. He won a lot of people over with his amazing debut, The Kings of Summer, and now he's making a similar transition to blockbusters as Gareth Edwards made on Godzilla.Vogt-Roberts is also set to direct Metal Gear Solid at some point, and Skull Island will be a good opportunity to get acclimated to the studio system.

No word on when filming begins but Skull Island is set to open on November 4th 2016, and hopefully it's just a step towards the King Kong vs. Godzilla vs. Pacific Rim battle we all want to see.