Jennifer Lawrence Rumored for Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight'

Quentin Tarantino has yet to shoot a single frame of The Hateful Eight and already we have a teaser trailer, which admittedly has no footage or anything, a poster and a potential 2015 release date. To the best of our knowledge another thing it doesn't have is a cast, and while it's been assumed the cast of the live table read would be reprising their roles on screen, a new rumor suggests a major star could be taking the one primary female role.

According to Collider, Jennifer Lawrence is in talks for The Hateful Eight, which means she'd likely be taking on the role of Daisy Domergue, the lone female in the "Hateful Eight". Amber Tamblyn read the part before, and while Zoe Bell played Six Horse Judy it's unlikely to be the role Lawrence takes. For what it's worth, the Collider story is being shut down by other outlets and Lawrence's reps, while Variety says Evan Rachel Wood, Geena Davis, and Hilary Swank could meet for it.

Even if Lawrence is considering the film a few things could stand in the way. Tarantino may begin production early next year and Lawrence is going to be pretty busy throughout. She's attached to play Joy Mangano in David O. Russell's Joy, which is set to open Christmas 2015. Bryan Singer's X-men: Apocalypse  will also shoot next year and she'll need to be there as the shapeshifting mutant, Mystique.

We'll see what happens. Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell are expected to be part of The Hateful Eight cast when Tarantino finally gets moving on it.