Awesome Unseen 'Jurassic Park' and 'Batman' Posters by John Alvin

We complain about the terrible state of movie posters all the time here on this site because...well, they suck. Badly done photo-shopping, poor framing, and a general lack of imagination are the norm nowadays, which is why we try to honor those posters that break from the current mold. There was a time when movie posters, selling a movie through still imagery was a genuine art, and one of the men who was best at it was John Alvin.

Alvin designed some of the most memorable movie images in history, designing over 100 posters for movies such as Blazing Saddles, E.T., and The Lion King. Chances are the first image that popped in your mind when reading those titles was one Alvin created. He also had a number of great one-sheets that didn't get used, and to help promote the awesome new book, The Art of John Alvin, his unused Jurassic Park images have been released. Along with it comes his poster for Tim Burton's Batman, which is more comic-inspired rather than the simple insignia design the studio actually went with.

The Art of John Alvin goes on sale August 16th and you can pre-order it here. If you're in the DC/VA area I'd also suggest checking out ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery in Reston, VA, the home of many original Alvin pieces. It's run by my good friend +Leslie Combemale , who is often a guest on my show Cinema Royale. There are tons of these for many other movies (like Star Trek VI and The Karate Kid), and if you want to see more check out IGN, THR, Flavorwire, and Movies.com.