Rumor: Antoine Fuqua Offers Denzel Washingon 'The Magnificent Seven' Role

In a few months Denzel Washington will reteam with his Training Day director, Antoine Fuqua, for The Equalizer. And basically it looks like the kind of film we'd expect from both; it doesn't require the ever-busy Fuqua to stretch himself too far, and Denzel gets to play the cool, tough badass we're used to seeing him as. And considering the success they've had together in the past, it's not surprising that talk of a reunion for The Magnificent Seven has begun.

Recently MGM offered Fuqua the directing gig on The Magnificent Seven remake, and while he has yet to give an official response, Schmoes Know say he has already signed on and personally offered a role to Denzel. This would be Denzel's first true Western, although The Book of Eli certainly had elements, and pairing him up with Fuqua would make a ton of sense.

All of this relies on Fuqua's answer, and considering he's already got the boxing drama Southpaw, followed by the drug world thriller Narco Sub and a sequel to The Equalizer, he may not have time to do it unless something else gets dropped.