Django Unchained and Zorro to Crossover in Quentin Tarantino-Led Comic Book Series

It's unlikely we'll ever get a sequel to Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained but clearly the director has a fondness for the character and his controversial Western. A few weeks ago he began discussing a four-hour adaptation designed as a TV miniseries, and now he's looking to take the further adventures of Django to the comic book pages with an unlikely co-star.

Tarantino is developing a comic book miniseries event that will see Django crossing over with the masked Zorro. DC Entertainment and Dynamite Entertainment are collaborating on this one, with Tarantino coming up with the plot while Matt Wagner (Grendel) writes the script. No word on who the artist on Django/Zorro will be, the length of the series, or even what will cause these two heroes to team-up. This won't be the first time Django will hit the funnybook pages, either, as Django Unchained was adapted into a seven-issue series by Reginald Hudlin.

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing is this marks the first time Tarantino has seen fit to continue a character's story beyond the film, and hopefully this will open the door to more projects such as this. If we aren't ever going to get a Kill Bill 3 I'd gladly accept it in graphic novel form.[THR]