'The Raid 3' Begins Two Hours Before 'The Raid 2' Ends

The excitement is already building for Gareth Evans' butt-kicking sequel The Raid 2, about a week before it hits Sundance and a couple of months before rolling into theaters. But Evans has long since made it clear that he envisioned his breakout franchise as a trilogy, and he's already dropping some interesting info on The Raid 3.
Apparently the timelines of The Raid 2 and 3 are going to be so closely tied together they'll actually overlap...

" 'The Raid 2' takes place two hours after the first, 'The Raid 3' would start two hours before 'The Raid 2' ends."

Evans also says that we haven't really seen a fraction of what The Raid 2 has to offer, despite a teaser and a rather awesome full trailer...

"The trailer is 2min 35sec and with the exception of one shot, it’s all new footage from the teaser. Only spoilers for Act 1 setup.

Naturally, there’s a ton of stuff we have kept hidden from the trailer. About 4/5 action scenes don’t feature at all.

I also wanted to put less emphasis on the brutality – this is the closest I could get to a green band version.

The final shot is a tease – that fight I still get goosebumps watching it. Iko and Cecep gave everything they had for it."

The Raid 2 opens on March 28th 2014. [DarkHorizons]