'The Outsider' Loses Tom Hardy and Takashi Miike

Ever since Andrew Baldwin's script for The Outsider landed on the 2011 Black List, it's been able to attract top notch talent to help fully realize it. Initially it was Michael Fassbender and Safe House director Daniel Espinosa, but that fell through for various reasons. But that led to the intriguing pair of Tom Hardy and prolific director Takashi Miike taking it on, and it seemed like that would stick with pre-production already underway.

Unfortunately that's not the case as Twitch says Hardy and Miike have now exited the flick, putting production on hold for now. Hardy was the first to go for unspecified reasons, and with Miike lining up numerous films for later this year he's taken this as a good time to move on. The story is actually really cool and seemingly perfect for them both, with the film centering on a former P.O.W. who rises in the yakuza ranks in post-WWII Japan.

The search is on for a new star and director but this is obviously a major setback and it may be awhile before we see The Outsider in theaters.