'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Features Keira Knightley in One of Two New Clips

In a little over a week, Paramount will regale us with the tale of Jack Ryan. Except this will be a newer, more modern version of Jack Ryan and more of an origin story for the well-known Tom Clancy character. It'll be the first movie that isn't based on any of Clancy's previous books about the CIA analyst and Chris Pine will be the fourth actor to step into the character's shoes. 

Two new clips from the film have been released, each dealing with two different but probably important aspects of the plot. The first one is titled "Couples Therapy" and, as you guess, is relationship-based. Ryan's fiance Cathy (played by an American-accented Keira Knightley) is angry with him after finding out that he's been lying to her about who he works for the last three years and Kevin Costner reminds them that this isn't couples therapy. Knightley pulls off a pretty good American accent, too. 

The second clip sees Costner's character, who plays an almost-mentor/handler to Pine's Ryan, let's Jack know that he's no longer just an analyst anymore, but operational. The second clip is pretty straightforward, but everyone may not be as they seem. Especially if the character posters are anything to go by, which you can view here and here

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is directed and also stars Kenneth Branagh and hits theaters January 17.