Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Lose It in New 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Clips and Images

If watching Leonardo DiCaprio snort more cocaine out of more unusual places while delving into the depths of perversion and depravity sounds like something you'd like to see, then The Wolf of Wall Street should make for a fine Christmas gift.  Martin Scorsese's three-hour (could've been four!) celebration of white collar sleeze follows stockbroker Jordan Belfort as he gets sucked in to the excesses granted the wealthy elite, and boy does he take full advantage consuming every drug under the sun and breaking every rule of common decency.

A trio of new clips and a handful of images show two sides of Jordan: the liar and the charming scumbag. Besides DiCaprio's crazy performance you also get a look at Rob Reiner as his worrying father, Jonah Hill as his loyal (and equally insane) sidekick, and Margot Robbie as his "duchess" Naomi. But the real showstopper is Matthew McConaughey as DiCaprio's mentor, and let's just say he sets the tone for the lunacy to come.

Christmas Day rings the opening bell on The Wolf of Wall Street.