The Talent Show: Leonardo DiCaprio

I remember watching Leonardo DiCaprio on Growing Pains and thinking he made the show much more interesting after years on the air. The man's always been a fantastic actor. Of course, a lot of people though he might just fade into the background after he became a household name in Titanic, but his movie roles after that in Gangs of New York, Catch Me if You Can, and The Departed all proved that Leo was here to stay. What else did it prove? That he was damn good at what he does. 

And on Christmas Day, Leo will amaze audiences again as he stars in his millionth Martin Scorsese film called The Wolf of Wall Street. This time around, we'll get to see Leo dance, act insane, and of course, yell at least once. Because what's a movie without a shouting Leo DiCaprio, right? But alas, this wouldn't be a talent show article if I didn't also highlight and appreciate Leo's good looks along with his acting. Because one thing is pretty clear: the man most definitely looks great in black and white photos!