The Talent Show: Jennifer Connelly

Generally we try to feature an actor or actress that's in a release for the coming weekend when making our Talent Show picks, this week fate intervened. You see, Labyrinth was on HBO and I was immediately reminded of my very first movie crush. I must first state that when I first fell in movie love with J Con (that's what we'd call her if she had first got famous now) I was only 8 so that makes me oogling a 16 year old, her age during Labyrinth, much less creepy. Best known, critically at least, for her role as a drug addict in Requim for a Dream Connelly has been a somewhat under the radar star in Hollywood for almost thirty years, Labyrinth, The Rocketeer, A Beautiful Mind, Hulk, Mulholland Falls, Higher Learning, her resume is not lacking and with no less than three movies in some stage of production she shows no signs of leaving. 

It's odd when you look at things like childhood crushes, or even your childhood heroes. You're so impressionable at that age that the things you are into then will in some way influence the adult you will become. It wasn't until I revisited my love for Jennifer that I realized how much she shaped my idea of the ideal woman. I've always had a thing for dark haired, naturally beautiful, intelligent girls with a look of innocence that may or may not be hiding something more underneath...looking at Connelly I can see where that came from. Let's not forget to mention that, as an actress in the 90's she somehow held on to her natural beauty and avoided the hyper slim, cosmetically enhanced, overly made-up, look that was all the rage (I was never a fan). 

Even now, at 43, Connelly seems to be one of those people that ages so gracefully it seems unnatural. If there was any starlet of the time to shape my future interests in the fairer sex I think I was pretty lucky with my pick....I could have went with Cyndi Lauper, wow would life have been different!