The Talent Show: Christian Bale

Here is a frustration I will carry until my dying days: that Ben Affleck will play Batman after Christian Bale already perfected it. Because, you know what? Christian Bale is a wonderful paragon of manliness.

Sure, his latest, "Out of the Furnace," is kind of uneven, but he's the cornerstone of "American Hustle," and he's the kind of guy who avoids the limelight because he's too busy visiting sick children and making their dreams come true (remember when he visited all the victims of "The Dark Knight Rises" shooting?) Ultimately he's dreamy and handsome and wonderful, and I'm going to say that outburst during "Terminator: Salvation" was because he cares TOO MUCH about his work.

So let's take this fantastic actor and objectify him with some pictures of his dreaminess! Enjoy, readers. I know I am.