So..That X-men/Fantastic Four Movie Ain't Happenin'

Today must be a good day for rumor killing. Not only are we unlikely to see Denzel Washington as Green Lantern (you folks holding out for him as Lex Luthor should chill, too), but now Motley Fool have retracted their statement about a Fantastic Four/X-men crossover film at 20th Century Fox.

It was actually a basic retraction, "regrets the error" and all that jazz, perhaps deciding it was better to be brief and get the Hell out of the way of the movie rumor freight train. Oh well, it made sense at the time given Simon Kinberg's merging of both franchises. I'm convinced it will happen at some point, just not in the immediate future.

For now we'll have to settle with X-men: Days of Future Past and X-men: Apocalypse arriving on May 23rd 2014 and May 27th 2016 respectively. Josh Trank's Fantastic Four relaunch arrives June 19th 2015.