New Clip from 'Nymphomaniac' is a Holiday Gift from Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier has a strange way of wishing everybody a very merry Christmas. A gift from him doesn't come wrapped up in beautiful paper with a nice little bow. Instead he's offering up a new clip from his 4-hour sexual epic, Nymphomaniac. So unwrap it and enjoy. No re-gifting!

 Taken from the eighth and final chapter, titled 'The Gun', the clip has Charlotte Gainsbourg handling another guy's penis, but there's not a damn thing erotic about it. She's pissed about something, and her years of getting screwed and screwed over by dudes has taught her most guys aren't trustworthy.

Check out the chapter synopsis, followed by the brief clip. Nymphomaniac Part One hits VOD March 6th 2014, followed by a theatrical run March 21st.  Part Two hits VOD April 3rd, then theaters April 18th.

Sometimes things hide, because we're familiar with them. But if you change your point of view, they can suddenly take on a whole new meaning.

Joe enters a shady business, and she quickly finds out that her life has taught her some valuable skills.