New Trailer for '300: Rise of an Empire' Promises Bloody Fun!

Aaarghhhh...I HATE trailers! But wait...I LOVE trailers! Little bringers of possibly false hope, how I loathe yet love thee. 

Every piece of me says that 300: Rise of an Empire is going to be a stinker, I mean, why else would they wait 8 years to give us a sequel unless they had no good stories and are going for a money grab on pseudo-nostalgia. It's simple statistics, every sequel that fits this profile has been crap, or at least inferior to the original. 

Still, every second of this full trailer brings more and more of a positive outlook. I honestly can't tell if this movie single-handedly bookends the events of 300 or not. The Eva Green (mmmmm....Eva Green) scenes seem to point to Xerxes rise...so pre-300, but then you have Lena Headey's Queen Gorgo talking about avenging Leonidas and his soldiers, so that's obviously after the original. You know what? It doesn't really matter, these films are 100% visual candy. The naval battles, if they present in full even half of what they present in this trailer then we are in for a treat. Now that I think of it, maybe the 8 year wait was just the right amount of time to be ready for more slo-mo 360 Greek war! Nice one Zack Snyder.