Best (and Worst) Movie Trailers of 2013

 I have a few things I do on the Internet whenever I’m bored: look at shoes, read entertainment gossip, and watch movie trailers. SO. MANY. MOVIE. TRAILERS.

And because this year was actually a shockingly great one for movies—I saw 140-something movies this year, and I can confidently say that I liked more than I disliked—that means movie trailers were great, too. We’ve come a long way since the pre-YouTube trailers of the 1990s, with their omnipresent narration and low resolution. Now every trailer gets analyzed online, screengrabbed and gif-ed for Tumblr, and—more often than not—they all have that Inception BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM noise. Practically every action movie trailer this year had that noise. Can we stop that noise?

But other than the BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM-heavy deluge, there were a lot of really great movie trailers this year. I’ve collected my favorite seven below, as well as my three least favorites. These trailers either made us excited for the full-length film, really tapped into the point of view of the filmmakers, or just had a great score attached. Are your favorites on here? Sound off in the comments!



I’ll be honest: I love me some Terrence Malick, I adored The Tree of Life, and yet To the Wonder was ultimately a letdown. Too little dialogue; too much Ben Affleck; and this movie seemed to disappear from theaters and public consciousness in a way few Malick movies do. But oh, this trailer had me so excited for months. It’s pretentious but beautiful in that patented Malick way, and every time I heard Javier Bardem say “You feel your love has died—maybe it’s waiting to be transformed into something higher,” I burst into tears. I often have TOO MANY emotions, and this trailer really exemplified that. I think it really accurately captures everything people love—and hate—about Malick, and if that’s not a great trailer, I don’t know what is.

To The Wonder by Teaser-Trailer.com


James Franco purring “Let’s cause some trouble now.” Former Disney teen queens wearing sweatpants with “DTF” on their butts. That utterly annoying, undeniably catchy song from Skrillex. Was there a more titillating fever dream of a trailer, or of a movie, this entire year? Nope. Director Harmony Korine and Spring Breakers get that distinct honor, and watching this trailer—even after I’ve seen the movie three times already—still gives me giddy chills.


Jeez, was Derek Cianfrance’s The Place Beyond the Pines critically underrated this year. An excellent performance from Ryan Gosling, a breakthrough role for Dane DeHaan, the only time I’ve ever tolerated Eva Mendes—The Place Beyond the Pines had all that! There wasn’t a more affecting tale of the relationships between fathers and sons this year than this movie—“I’m still his father. I can give him stuff”—and I didn’t sob more in a movie theater during all of 2013. The mirroring between Ryan Gosling’s and Bradley Cooper’s characters is done really well in this trailer, and although it’s not an intensely exciting trailer, it sticks with you. The movie will, too; just see it.

The Place Beyond The Pines by Teaser-Trailer.com


Before The Great Gatsby came out, buzz was that the movie was going to be a flop. Such a huge budget for a literary adaptation? After Baz Luhrmann had a failure with Australia? The negative hype was high. But oh man, did The Great Gatsby trailers work hard to turn that doubt around—and when the movie ended up being a commercial success, I think you can point to these trailers as helping that. The movie got a few different official trailers and TV spots before its release, but out of all of them, I think the first is the best. “My life—my life has got to be like this.”

The Great Gatsby by Teaser-Trailer.com


Yes, Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives was basically just a masturbatory arthouse movie with beautiful scenes, fantastic cinematography, and extremely little plot. But try to tell me Ryan Gosling asking “Wanna fight?” didn’t get your blood boiling. TRY TO TELL ME THAT. And you will be wrong.

Only God Forgives Trailer by Teaser-Trailer.com


Yes, one of my best movie memories of the entire year was sitting next to my PDC colleague Julian Lytle during Man of Steel, when, during a climactic moment, Julian exasperatedly uttered “Fuck this movie!” in the middle of a packed screening. And ultimately, I concur! I found Man of Steel frustrating and badly plotted, which is especially a bummer given how fantastically epic these trailers were. Oh my god, All-American Kevin Costner suggesting that maybe his adopted son SHOULD have let all his classmates die? Superman's red cape flapping in the wind? Um, Henry Cavill SHIRTLESS and on FIRE? Yes, yes, yes. How sad that the movie was a no, no, no.

Man of Steel by Teaser-Trailer.com


I personally blame U.S. moviegoers for ignoring Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim and thank the rest of the world for picking up the slack. How could you watch this trailer and then NOT want to see it? Amazingly detailed alien monsters? Idris Elba thundering about “canceling the Apocalypse”? Charlie Hunnam’s and Rinko Kikuchi’s extremely sexual sparring? And it made barely anything domestically? Thanks for nothing, America.

Pacific Rim Official Trailer by Teaser-Trailer.com



Want to know every single thing that happens in Out of the Furnace? Then just watch its trailer! Seriously, it leaves nothing out. But if we could move away from trailers that give away the entire movie, which actually discourages audiences from paying to see a movie they think they’ve already seen, that would be great.

Out of the Furnace by Teaser-Trailer.com


American Hustle is a movie with performances that I loved and a soundtrack I immediately wanted to buy, but its trailers left a lot to be desired. The movie is loosely based on the Abscam scandal that is practically impossible to understand, so the trailers chose to forgo narrative and focus on the cast instead. But a trailer that JUST lists the cast members’ names? That seems phenomenally lazy to me.

American Hustle by Teaser-Trailer.com


Because a fat old naked man whispering things in the dark is not scary.

Insidious - Chapter 2 - starring Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson by Teaser-Trailer.com