Amanda Seyfried to Star in 'He's F-ing Perfect'

Amanda Seyfried's attempt to dirty herself up for Lovelace didn't quite pan out the way she might have hoped. Actually, the film was total joke, although it wasn't for lack of trying. So she's going to veer in the other direction and do something she hasn't done in a long time, which is star in a straight-up comedy.

 She'll take the lead in He's F-ing Perfect, which is probably looking at a name change somewhere down the line. Produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, with Funny or Die vet Jake Szymanski directing, the film centers on a pessismistic woman who scrutinizes the men in her friends' lives. When she convinces one of her friends to dump her new boyfriend, Seyfried's character uses all her social media savvy to win him for herself.

McKay's assistant Lauryn Kahn wrote the script, and this one's been kicking around for some time. Emma Stone had been eying it at one point, back when the project was still at Fox. Universal picked up the rights and are moving forward with Seyfried, who hasn't done a film of this type since Mean Girls. [THR]