2013's Top 5 Fight Scenes!

When talking about entertainment two words almost always come up as must have's, sex and violence. Rocky covered the romantic side of things the other day with her 'Top 5 Kisses of 2013', which you can check out here, now it's time for the other side of that one-two punch of sure fire fun. Without further adieu let's get to some gratuitous violence, shall we?

5. Iron Man 3- Iron Man suit fleet VS The Mandarin
Iron Man 3 was not a good film, to be honest it was downright bad when it came to the final development of what was to be Tony Stark's archenemy. Yet, even the crappiest gift can have a pretty bow, and that's what we got at the end of Tony Stark's latest adventure. It's pure visual candy with plenty of easter eggy goodness for comic fans (see: Hulkbuster), it isn't particularly rewarding to the storyline nor does it make much sense in more than one facet but DAMN is it sweet to see the Iron Man squadron of suits come flying to Tony and that, my friends, is what merits a place at the bottom of this list. 

4. Star Trek: Into Darkness- Klingon showdown
While more of a gun battle than a straight up fight there was no way I could leave this scene off the list. Benedict Cumberbatch was already on the fast track to my favorite actors list after seeing Sherlock, but this scene, in which he mows down a squadron of Klingon warriors perfectly illustrates the capabilities of this villain. Extra points for the cool black hooded trenchcoat!

3. The World's End- Bar Fight
It's kind of an odd thing to have a movie show up in both a best fights list and a funniest scenes list. Unfortunately I ran into the same problem that Mae did earlier this week when she included The World's End in her Top 5 funniest scenes of 2013 list, which you can check out here, that problem is that, oddly, there seem to be no clips of these scenes anywhere on the 'net. In any event the fight that puts this awesome flick on my list of best fights comes about 3/4 of the way into the film when the group decides to stop trying to be inconspicuous and take the blanks head on. If you haven't seen this movie get out there and do so now, watching Nick Frost nail a combat roll and the wield two bar stools like a veteran bar ninja is one of the greatest things to happen inside of a theater this year. The best part? It's not done for laughs, the choreography is legit and would not look out of place in something like a remake of Roadhouse (with different actors of course). 

2. GI Joe: Retaliation- Snake Eyes V Storm Shadow 2
Do I really need to explain my reasoning here? These guys are the ultimate ninja warriors, the characters we all wanted to be the most when we were kids...hell even their names are right out of Encyclopedia Badassica. We got to see a lesser version of this ultimate showdown in GI Joe: Rise of Cobra but the battle we get in Retaliation blows that one away. As if that weren't enough we also get Jinx, Snake Eyes protege, and a legion of Storm Shadow trained ninja thrown in the mix.

1. The Grandmaster- Opening Fight Scene
Prior to the release I was prepared to have this movie at the top of every list I do this year, sadly Wong Kar Wai's epic film chronicling the legendary Ip Man fell apart after the first 20 minutes. But you know what? Those first 20 minutes make it worth it. To a true martial arts fan seeing a well choreographed, beautifully show fight scene is no different than anyone else watching a top level ballet. The way Wong Kar Wai captures the flow of movement throughout this entire opening scene make it one of the most breathtaking fight scenes I've seen to date. What really puts it over the top and earns it #1 over Snake Eyes V Storm Shadow is the striking use of black and white and the wonderfully artistic rainfall which both serve to extenuate the beauty of the martial art.