Red Band Trailer for 'Best Night Ever' is the Worst Thing Ever

The Starving Games. Meet the Spartans. Vampires Suck. Disaster Movie. You know the crappy movies of writers/directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer even if you wish that weren't the case. But regardless of how terrible these low-cost, low-laughs movies are, they keep making money and so these two keep working, and their latest turd in the punchbowl is Best Night Ever, which now has a red band trailer. Of course it does.

Looking like a poor man's Spring Breakers but starring four actresses you've never heard of and may never see in anything again, the found-footage flick centers on a bachelorette party in Las Vegas that goes wildly out of control. The found footage thing has been done to death in horrors but it's even worse for cheapie comedies like this, and this looks like the sort of lazy effort that would pass for a college film school project, not a major studio feature.

Best Night Ever hits VOD on December 26th, before soiling your local theater on January 31st.