Aaron Paul Races for Revenge in New 'Need for Speed' Trailer

If Aaron Paul has anything to look forward to after Need for Speed, it may be that every story written about him won't be preceded with the words 'Breaking Bad' or 'Jesse Pinkman'. For now Paul remains an untested leading man headlining a potential franchise based on a video game, so the jury is very much out on this one as the latest trailer crashes its way online.

As expected the plot is pretty "meh", but it's basically a revenge tale that has Paul getting behind the wheel in a dangerous cross country race against the wealthy ex-NASCAR racer who got him sent to prison. Comparisons to Fast & Furious abound, with the exception of Michael Keaton who looks like he's going to devour every single scene he's in. There's some major talent in the pit crew with Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper, and Dakota Johnson co-starring (Kid Cudi is there too but....), although we know the real stars are the smashed up rides and booming engines.  Bring earplugs.

Directed by Scott Waugh, Need for Speed opens March 14th 2014.

Need For Speed - Bande Annonce #2 [VOST|HD] by addictomovie