Place Your Bets: Jason Statham Battles James Franco in 'Homefront' Red Band Trailer

How is it that a movie like Homefront is flying so far under the radar when it has such potential to be incredibly awesome? First of all, it features James Franco in perhaps his craziest role of the year (which is REALLY saying something) as a maniacal meth dealer with a hilarious Southern drawl; it stars Jason Statham who gets to beat stuff up real good; and oh yeah, it's written by none other than Sylvester Stallone. And judging by the latest red band trailer, it looks like a movie Stallone would have been top-billing back in his glory days.

There's a plot buried somewhere underneath all of Franco's swearing and overacting, and that story will lead him into what should be an epic beat down by Statham. Franco plays Gator (it's better than Alien, I guess?), a local drug lord who gets ticked off at Statham's undercover DEA agent and proceeds to stalk his family like something out of Cape Fear. Fast forward through a highlight reel of Statham punching and kicking a bunch of rubes, toss in a couple of sketchy ladies played by Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth, and you've got what should be two hours of mind-numbing fun.

In truth, Homefront may be pretty terrible but we won't know for sure until November 27th. Franco vs. Statham; who's your money on?

Homefront - Red Band Trailer / Bande-Annonce #1 [VO|HD720p] by Romain Team Lyricis