Michelle Monaghan Finds 'The Best of Me'; Catalina Sandino Moreno is 'Incarnate'; Gabriel Basso Joins 'Barely Lethal'

* You'll be shocked, shocked I tell you, to know that another Nicholas Sparks adaptation is on the way. Actually we learned about The Best of Me a few months ago, and now it has Michelle Monaghan as its leading lady. Directed by Michael Hoffman (The Last Station), the film centers on two former lovers "from opposite sides of the tracks" who rekindle their relationship years later when a friend's funeral brings them back together. What's the saying? "We accept the love we think we deserve"? Well, the same goes for acting roles. Monaghan deserves better than this. [THR]

* Rosario Dawson has dropped out of Incarnate, the indie horror starring Aaron Eckhart as an unconventional exorcist who meets his match in a demon-possessed little boy. In to replace her is another extremely talented actress, Catalina Sandino Moreno, who is probably best known for her Oscar-nominated performance in Maria Full of Grace. Filming is set to begin next month with Brad Peyton directing. [THR]

* The Kings of Summer continues to be a great launching pad for its three principle stars. Moises Arias has a key role in Ender's Game; Nick Robinson recently joined Jurassic World; and now Gabriel Basso has signed on to the action comedy, Barely Lethal. He'll play the wild best friend to Hailee Steinfeld, a teen assassin who fakes her own death and tries to attend a normal high school. Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Alba, and Sophie Turner co-star in the Kyle Newman-directed film. [TheWrap]