Kellan Lutz Teases First 'Hercules: The Legend Begins' Footage

With Dwayne Johnson tweet-teasing from the set of his Hercules film on a seemingly regular basis, it's been easy to forget that another movie about the legendary demigod is on the way. Renny Harlin has Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz playing the "Prince of Power" in Hercules: The Legend Begins (formerly Hercules 3D), a title that sounds like something Kevin Sorbo should be starring in. While on the set of The Expendables 3, Lutz has taken a break to introduce the first Hercules footage before the trailer debuts this weekend at New York Comic-Con.

While the plot has been kept under wraps, the footage makes pretty clear that this will be a very different Hercules film, one that has more in common with Spartacus: War of the Damned than the mythological tales we all know. Perhaps that's why Harlin sought out co-star Liam McIntyre, who starred as Spartacus in the hit series, joined by Scott Adkins (The Expendables 2), Roxanne McKee and Luke Newberry.  Visually it's impressive enough, and Lutz has a physicality that should suit him well, but I couldn't help wishing this was a trailer for The Expendables 3 instead.

Still, my hope is that it will be good if only for McIntyre, who I thought was brilliant in Spartacus and should have a real bright future in Hollywood. Hercules: The Legend Begins is expected to hit theaters next March.