Harrison Ford Confirms 'Blade Runner 2' Talks; Ben Kingsley Laughs Off 'Star Wars 7' Rumors

There's been a great deal of confusion regarding Harrison Ford's potential return for Blade Runner 2. At one point, Ridley Scott made it clear that he wanted Ford back, presumably to reprise his iconic role as Deckard. But we've also heard that the film won't exactly be a true sequel, more like a Preometheus-esque "reinvention" according to a producer, and that any talk of Ford returning was "patently false". But Ford himself has now spoken out about it, and he's more than just leaving the door open for a comeback, he's saying talks are underway. Here's what he told IGN when asked about returning for the Blade Runner sequel...

Ford: "Yeah, we’ve been chatting about it. I truly admire Ridley as a man and as a director. I would be very happy to engage again with him in the further telling of this story."

Since there's no clear vision for the true nature of the film, it's been hard to pin down exactly what kind of role replicant-hunting cop Rick Deckard would even have. Chances are it wouldn't be a lead, but possibly a major supporting turn? Or maybe even just a minor cameo?

Ford's Ender's Game co-star Ben Kingsley has also been the subject of numerous Internet rumors of late, with some saying that he read for Star Wars: Episode VII. It's not that surprising to see the veteran actor's name mentioned. He's just coming off another Disney blockbuster in Iron Man 3, and he does fit one of the character descriptions looking for a "70-something male". However, Kingsley spoke with Total Film and basically laughed off the rumors as complete rubbish....

Kingsley: "Oh, what a shame that I wasn't awake during the audition. It's passed me by entirely...I have no recollection of it whatsoever! I do apologize to the producers and director, but I'm afraid that I have no recall of this." 

Ok, so it's not a clear "No", but we can probably count him out of the Star Wars race, even though he would make a pretty awesome Sith Lord. Kingsley and Ford will be seen together in Ender's Game, hitting theaters on November 1st.