Watch What Happens when 'Drive' Meets 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Need more proof that video games are beginning to overtake even the biggest Hollywood movie productions? Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V raked in a whopping $800M in a single day of release, topping every single film that came out this summer not named Iron Man 3. Yep, it even bested Man of Steel. Pretty amazing, right? Perhaps more than any other, GTAV's cinematic qualities and complex storylines are beyond reproach, which is why we may never see the game brought to the big screen. But one fan has decided to make it happen his own way, by mashing up GTAV with the one film that best captures the same gritty flavor: Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive.

The footage has Ryan Gosling in the opening heist scene from Drive, mixed with GTAV gameplay footage. The results aren't perfect but still pretty impressive, and makes want to both buy the game right now and pop the film into my Blu-Ray player. 

Lastly, for those who already own GTAV and are fans of Ryan Gosling's bad ass scorpion jacket he wears in Drive, an obvious replica of it can be found in the game as the "Champagne Driver Blouson". Dynasty1031 has provided a simple walkthrough on how to get it. Now I'm off to the nearest Gamestop, excuse me. [Kotaku]